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About Nader

Nader alMaleh is a serial entrepreneur with a long track record of creating success stories for his companies, and growing clients’ businesses online and offline.

Nader alMaleh started his professional career in 2008 as a freelancer who specialized in branding, marketing and web solutions, and now labeled as a Business Alchemist with a portfolio of over 300 clients, 2 companies, 1 retail brand, and 3 pioneering digital platforms.

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Rare Talks is a podcast discussing everything business, marketing, mindset, lifestyle, e-commerce, and more importantly, it covers what others refrain from sharing. The blunt truth and no sugarcoating is the foundation of this rare talk.

Internationally Recognized Clients

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Pride & Joy

Success Starts from Within

Besides consultancy, coaching programs & training courses. Nader currently operates as:

  • Founder & CEO at typecta
  • Co-Founder at Worksarabia
  • Founder at Yallajeeb
  • Marketing Consultant at Dialectica

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Life is a balance between work and family. Working equally hard to maintain both.

Random thoughts are not random, they're a reflection of our consciousness.

A summary of achievements and experience is laid out for your viewing pleasure.

Speaking the unspoken, expressing the great and the worst in everything.

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