A serial entrepreneur with a long track record of creating success stories for his companies, and growing clients’ businesses online and offline. He started his professional career in 2008 as a freelancer who specialized in branding, marketing and web solutions, and now labeled as a Business Alchemist with a portfolio of over 300 clients, 2 companies, 1 retail brand, and 3 pioneering digital platforms.

What is a business alchemist?

Well, a Business Alchemist wears many hats and uses its digital powers to blend everything together and delivers strong brands & products tailored for the modern digital world.

Strategist, marketer, brander, creative designer, web developer, and executer. The journey of learning different aspects of the Business World produces a Business Alchemist, with a simple goal: turn the raw business metal into business growth.

The future is your investment in yourself.
The future is the result of your hard work.
The future is something you are in control of.
It’s all up to you.
Either create the future,
Or put it in the hands of the unknown.

More about nader

Nader alMaleh started his freelancing journey in 2008 as he saw potential in monetizing his passion for graphic design and writing.

He started promoting his graphic design services using printed flyers to university students as well as sending his articles to several online magazine such as Associated Press. This didn’t stop his pursuit of learning web development and marketing, which was later added to his services. Working 12 hours everyday helped him grow into starting his agency while running it completely alone to provide his services using an officially registered entity.

Fast forward 16 years later, an impressive track record with a portfolio holding hundreds of successful brand stories, he is now labeled as a Business Alchemist. Nader’s long list of achievements includes a start-up that he founded and managed, steering it to become one of the leading local advertising & digital agencies in the region.

His passion for the digital space is synonymously complemented by his foresightedness and risk appetite, qualities that he leverages to the maximum to exceed client expectations and provide value-added benefit. He was the first to embrace HTML5 and introduce it to the Arab region before it was on full release, believing that it is the future of website technologies, as well as being one of the leaders in providing social media marketing services before the existence of native marketing tools like Facebook Ads and Twitter for Business.

Nader has been plying his trade and digital skills across a range of sectors including FMCG, Retail, Technology, Medical, Hospitality, Architecture and Financial with a long list of clients from start-ups to established industry and market leaders such as Canon, MARS, Samsonite, Huawei, Four Seasons MENA, Mercedes, Tanmia, Toyota, Superior Automotive among others.

Now, he owns and manages several businesses, and a founder at Typecta where his expertise and vision is matched with Typecta’s co-founder – Marc Najjar to revolutionize the Marketing industry in the Gulf & MENA region.

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